Disaster Response Framework of ISDG of CCDS

We will have a four-pronged strategic framework for our disaster response work.

  1. Direct Intervention: Supporting relief work and provide support for the rehabilitation and reconstruction process.
  2. Documentation and Research: Doing media research and documentation, compiling all information and bringing out a media digest. Conducting state level and district level consultations with different groups (CSOs, youth, women, fisher folks, marginalised groups-dalit, adivasies etc.) on Flood response to bring together the recommendations and documenting them. Bringing out a Citizens’ Report on Disaster Response and Mitigation in Kerala by doing policy research on best practices in India and internationally and also best of Ideas relevant for Kerala.
  3. Alliance building and Advocacy: Building broader alliances across Kerala and strategically involving in the policy and media Advocacy (We have done maximum intervention in this area-through the Manorama article, ‘Kerala First’ campaign, media/TV discussions and direct lobbying at the highest level and also convened the first civil society consultation and will continue this on a regular basis.)
  4. Capacity Development: Building a network of young people across Kerala with clear capacity to respond to disaster and developing this into an active and effective network.

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