Internship Programme Dec 7-21, 2016

ISDG-Bodhigram Short-term Internship programme

on LOCAL GOVERNANCE AND BUDGETING from December 7 to 21, 2016.

The internship program on local governance and budgeting is specifically designed to give the students a broader understanding of the areas of study such as public policy, budget analysis, governance and the transparency and accountability of governance mechanism. Specifically, the internship program intends to give the students a basic understanding in planning process involved in local self-governments in Kerala. The field research is designed to give the students first-hand information on the sources of local fiancé, the budget priorities through the allocation pattern of the development fund across different sectors in a given panchayat, the on-ground picture of the realities of  living conditions of the people, the effect of expenditure on the livelihood of the beneficiaries and hurdles in realizing the development goals.

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