ISDG Internship Program
ISDG invites application for junior research internship in the area of Public Policy, Sustainable Development and Governance. The internship is mainly for a period of 1 year, either based in Trivandrum, Pune or Adoor. The research interns will get opportunities to interact with some of the most respected public policy experts, researchers and policy makers and civil society leaders. They
will get opportunity to work with number of academic institutions, civil society organizations and government agencies. They will be guided by professors and public policy experts all through.During the course of one year, the successful candidates will have opportunity to do research in economic governance, budget analysis, urban governance and local governance. During the course
of 1 year there will be specific seminars and policy discussions in the following areas.

a. Theory and practice of democratic governance
b. Sustainable development and environment
c. Public policy analysis
d. Local Self government
e. Civil society and social action
f. Human Rights and people centered Advocacy
g. Leadership and management
h. Media and communication

During the course of the year research interns are expected to produce research papers and assignments apart from supporting the research papers of ISDG.

Essential qualifications
Those who have completed their Masters level programmes or those doing their masters are eligible to apply. Alternativly, 2 years work experience with a bachelor’s degree also makes one eligible applicants with aptitude in the aforesaid fields are encouraged to apply. The candidate should have good command over English (spoken as well as written) and should be equipped with sound knowledge of computer applications.

The selected applicants are expected to work in the aforesaid areas. Each intern who completes 6 months / 1 year internship is expected to submit a working paper on a specific area of work undertaken during internship. Subject to evaluation of merit, such working paper may be published by ISDG.

Applicants are expected to work in a multi-cultural environment and shall pursue effective working relationships with individuals from different backgrounds.