Strengthening public education and peoples participation in SDGs in the context of Kerala

ISDG  has undertaken an advocacy mission to increase awareness and facilitate sensitisation on SDGs with multiple stakeholders. This is primarily to create public awareness and empower the youth, women, grassroots organisations and the public to seek accountability on the integration of SDGs into the state’s development agenda. This would be achieved through the following steps

  • SDG sensitisation workshops among Youth

Conducting awareness programmes at colleges across Kerala

  • Awareness drive among Grassroots leaders

Awareness of SDGs among marginalised to amplify their voices; training on SDGs will be given to grassroots leaders across Kerala.

  • Multi-stakeholder advocacy dialogue

Organising multi-stakeholder advocacy dialogue meetings engaging with policymakers, experts, CSOs, media etc. to create awareness as well as to stress on the importance of implementing SDGs and thereby bringing in policy changes that enable sustainable human and environmental development.



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