Kerala Flood Response in Partnership with Plan India-Phase 1 (Aug 2018- Dec 2018)

Kerala state witnessed an unprecedented flood during the month of August 2018. The flood has affected 10 of the 14 districts of the state. While more than 400 people lost their lives in the devastating floods, over a million people were displaced and their habitats, livelihoods and economic sustainability being severely affected. The losses occurred to the social and physical infrastructure of the Kerala state has been huge. About 12,000 houses were fully damaged, and nearly 99,500 homes were partially destroyed. Apart from the destruction of over 10,000 km length of roads, the damage occurred for houses, schools and hospitals, agriculture, fisheries, livestock, livelihoods, plantation sector, businesses, small and cottage industries, etc. have been substantial. The negative impact on tourism, one of the mainstays of the state’s economy has also been staggering. Although estimates differ, the World Bank and the United Nations have estimated the total loss to the state at Rs.36,000 crore.

ISDG in partnership with PLAN India is involved in the flood relief work in Kerala from August 2018 working closely with the district and sub-district administration. We were among the first agencies that began the flood relief work in the most affected districts of Pathanamthitta, Alappuzha and Idukki. Our staff and volunteers are actively involved in the relief operations and could so far distribute relief materials to tens of thousands of families in the affected districts.

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