Kerala Rebuilding and Livelihood support Project supported by Samaja Relief Committe Odisha

Institute for Sustainable Development and Governance (ISDG) & Centre for Communication and Development Studies (CCDS) in association with CYCD launched the Samaja Relief Committee Project for Reconstruction and Repair of Community Buildings & Livelihood Assistance Programme in the most flood-affected Kuttoor, Niranam, and Peringara Grama Panchayats of Pathanamthitta district of Kerala. It aims to provide an effective post-disaster reconstruction that impedes the imminent devastations and to rebuild beyond the pre-disaster state for safer, more sustainable and resilient communities. The project primarily recognises the post-disaster recovery and reconstruction as an opportunity to integrate the knowledge, experience and financial resources required to transform regions where extreme deluge occurred, enabling inclusive development, disaster-resilient infrastructure and sustainable outcomes for the affected populations.

The Samaja Relief Committee initiated livelihood mission including restoration and repairing of Community Centers, Anganwadi and Women multipurpose centres that were severely damaged in Kerala flood. It manoeuvres reconstruction as an opportunity to bridge the gender-resilience gap by providing gender-specific support for reconstruction and rebuilding capacity to improve future resilience that is sensitive to the needs of women and children affected by the disaster.
Besides, it extends the post-disaster recovery assistance to enhance and build resilience in the employment and livelihoods by promoting resilient agriculture, livestock and small enterprises thus ensuring sustainable reconstruction & recovery by reviving and expanding economic activities, employment, and securing diverse livelihood opportunities for affected populations. Women multipurpose centre and Anganwadi centre for children has been repaired in Kuttoor Grama Panchayat. Likewise, reconstruction and repair of Community Building and Library for Senior Citizens in Peringara Grama Panchayat and Skill Development centre for the development of women in Niranam panchayat were also completed.

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